When every gram counts

Life in a wheelchair is a challenge in many ways. Clumsy aid tools and obstructions is a daily problem for those in a wheelchair. Dalelven have been a part of developing functional and lightweight accessories to Pantheras wheelchair S3.

Panthera model S3

The world's lightest series manufactured wheelchair

Panthera AB’s mission is to design and manufacture the market’s lightest and best wheelchairs, and has done so since the 1980s. They were the first to manufacture a wheelchair with frame and back entirely in carbon fiber. The Panthera X wheelchair set a world record with weight specifications: 2.1 kg without wheels and cushion, 4.4 kg for a complete wheelchair. Panthera X is thus the lightest series manufactured wheelchair in the world.

– For Panthera, every gram is important and must be motivated to participate, says Jalle Jungnell, development manager and owner of Panthera AB.

Low weight is a difficult challenge if a product must at the same time be stylish, strong and durable. For example, it is not possible to cover the load-bearing structure with a cover. The hood’s weight is unnecessary.

In close collaboration with Panthera and industrial designer Leif Thies, Dalelven has designed and engineered several accessories for the new S3 wheelchair. Including side guards, armrests and driving handles. Dalelven is responsible for all process steps up to series production and assembly of the complete product.

The armrest, with a double telescopic function to give the user the opportunity to get up from the chair themselves despite very weak leg muscles, was a challenge. The dual function, which allows the armrest to be both raised and pushed forward, was high on the list of requirements. But would it be possible to solve without getting over the weight target or that the construction became too weak? It did. With light and strong materials, FEM calculations and thorough tests, Dalelven found a solution.

– Dalelven always worked according to our philosophy – to keep a low weight in every component of the wheelchair. They really succeeded, says Jalle Jungnell

– We are very pleased with the cooperation. Dalelven works independently and also has a good insight into our company and products. This allows them to see things and ask questions that we have not thought of.

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