Successful product development made easy

We are passionate about technology and to make products successful. We are unprestigious and easy to deal with, and as a team of specialists we do everything we can to be responsive and make things easier for our clients. We have extensive experience in product development and offer services in design and development, where our strength lies in mechanics, electronics, software and prototypes as well as pre-series production. Everything in-house.

Connected air filters ensures a healthy working environment

With cloud-based operational data, Absolent A•smart provides cleaner air, fresher premises, healthier employees and minimal production downtime for maintenance.

Wireless control facilitates care

Wireless control of individually adapted work chairs to make it easier for carers and care takers, which are used in the home and in care facilities.

Smart connected mixer keeping track of water consumption

A tap with integrated sensors analysing the water consumption to optimize usage. A reality when Dalelven created a smart connected mixer for FM Mattsson.

How do we best collaborate?

Our collaborations are based on consensus where we meet our customers with great commitment and responsiveness.

You can trust us, we have the experience and the expertise and will recommend the right solutions, on time and with a clear work process and product calculation.


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