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Dalelven offers services within design and development, where our strengths are in mechanics, electronics, software, prototypes, testing and production. Everything is done in-house and tested with advanced systems. All facilitated in our own Prototype and Test Centre.

Project Leadership

Our project manager have several years of experience in leadership roles in product development. To be a leader requires knowledge about product development, manufacturing, product requirements and testing as well as good market insight.

The Project manager will act as a partner to your organisation and will take responsibility over the whole development cycle and is the one who leads the work and crew .

All our Project managers have more than 10 years of experience with product development and therefor are also comfortable in seeking suitable subcontractors. We can  of course help in the early phase with determining an estimated product cost calculation, time plan and formulating a list of requirements.


Smart electronics can be found in increasingly more devices today and Dalelven has been a part of developing numerous IoT devices where data is presented in a browser or an app from anywhere in the world.

Low power usage, radio communication, and integrated intelligence, likewise information sharing between backend systems and cloud services.

We have a long history of integrating electronics with mechanics, where we take the responsibility of turning an idea to a feasible production. Our excellence is within radio communication, integrated systems, power electronics and the expertise when it comes to developing low power and environmentally friendly products to satisfy the client’s needs.

In our own EMC lab we conduct testing on our own designs and help the client to solve their EMC related problems.


Our excellence is in integrated systems, graphical design as well as internet connected solutions. We work a lot with low powered applications, radio and real-time systems.

It’s exciting times regarding the development of connected devices. Today we can create water taps that optimize energy consumption and through computer controlling we can monitor public toilets to map how many visits from day to day to how much paper is expended.

There are many questions to adhere to when you connect a device to the internet. What radio technology should be used? How should information be stored? What laws are there to abide? How do you charge for a service? With our broad knowledge in this field, we can confidently identify and recommend what system structure that suits your product best.

We are able to create software that not only solves the technical side but also enhance the user experience, security and sustainability.


Our service within design includes design strategy, product design, interaction design, user experience (UX), graphic design, Colour-Material-Finish (CMF), design models and determining requirements.

We apply strategic design which implies that we early in the design process evaluate the clients wishes and the user’s needs. This focus on the clientele is carried throughout the development process regardless of if it’s about personal safety equipment, exercise cycles or industrial systems.

Our designers are used to work in a team with complementary competences and backgrounds.


We propel the development from small, advanced plastic details to larger mechanical and hydraulic systems.

Developing successful products require accurate construction methods and great understanding of the environment in which the product will be used in. Therefore, evaluation and verification with FEM-calculation or flow analysis are a natural part of our work. In the same way we evaluate and test prototypes and models.

A great advantage we have is that we do everything in-house where our engineers have a close dialog with our Prototype and Test Centre and its technicians.

Prototype and Testing

Our prototype technicians are skilled craftsmen with a lot of experience building prototypes and models. Our dominant areas are cutting process, welding, paintwork, and precision mechanics.

Prototyping allows for the opportunity to test a product under its development phase. Individual functions can be isolated and tested separately, an existing product on the market can be tested and a prototype can be used in advertisement purpose e.g. at an exhibition.

In our Prototype Centre we build test rigs to verify products that they match the requirements. In the EMC lab the product tests its emitting effect and can calculate a products durability/sustainability. WE also work with Moldflow-tool to optimize manufacturing of plastic components.

Having one of our experienced prototype technicians in your team will save you time in the long run.

Manufacturing and certification

Dalelven can also offer manufacturing and delivery of products in small volumes. We also have strong expertise in certification.

The production can be about complete embedded systems and details in plastic and sheet metal.

We also have strong expertise in certification. We ensure that the products meet the requirements and often perform CE marking and other types of product marking.

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