It is easy to develop products together with us

We can take on whole projects or parts of a project within the product development area. Our ambition is that you, our customer, should retain control and not need to worry about the small details. Our consultants are experienced, self-driven and great at communicating. We know the worth of proper reporting, precise calculations, diligent pre-studies, and effective workflows within the agreed upon framework.

This is what our product development process looks like in a few simplified steps

Project start

Meeting to define the framework for the project. We identify targets, needs, and risks.


We investigate the conditions, make an analysis, start brainstorming ideas and specify a list of requirements the product should fulfil.

Developing prototypes

Development is started in accordance with the requirements. Prototypes are verified and tested in a lab as well as with the targeted scenario.


In conjunction with a pre-series, the manufacturing is refined to suit the specified producer.

Certification and launch

The product is certified to the required regulations before the product is launched. 

How to get started?

All assignments start with a contact, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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