Dalelven opens a new design office in Åre


A year ago, Dalelven Product Development opened an office in Mora and now it’s time again. Today Dalelven opens its new office in Åre. With the new office, we get closer to our customers in the north and gain additional expertise and experience in industrial design.

Initially, the office in Åre will focus on industrial design and will start with one employee, Johan Åkerström. He is a trained industrial designer and has worked with product development for 15 years. Dalelven and Johan have previously collaborated in several product development projects.

“Johan is the main reason why we are opening an office in Åre. Johan lives there and we think our collaboration has worked well. He is both an experienced industrial designer and a nice person, so it was natural for us to welcome Johan to Dalelven when we needed more employees in industrial design,” says Per Möller, CEO at Dalelven Product Development.

Johan is a professional product developer who also has extensive knowledge of sustainable product development, where design contributes to choice of material, construction, production and transport that is good for the environment. It is important today and will be even more important in the future. For Johan, it is a big part of his own design strategy. A strategy that is based heavily on challenging established patterns and standards, and creating products that facilitate the customers’ path towards their set goals.

“As an industrial designer, it is important to contribute with new angles and to start the creative process with the customers. This leads to better products for our customers and their target group,” says Johan and continues:

“It feels really good to be part of Dalelven. I get many new colleagues with expertise in product development and get to work with many different clients, from small start-ups to large international companies.”

Dalelven started in 2012 and has grown to 30 employees and now we continue our journey with an office in Åre. It gives us more competence and increased opportunities for recruitment of both staff and customers.


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